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Christmas In The Village of Powhatan 

15th Annual

Saturday, November 13th, 2021

Nonprofit Organization

Tricky Chaz and Nicki (husband and wife duo) will be performing and face painting at the 14th Annual Christmas In The Village for a repeat performance! And we are so excited to welcome them back to our festival. Tricky Chaz will entertain at the Marina area thru out the park with his magic/juggling and Nicki will be doing her face painting for the young and old at heart.

Tricky Chaz will be performing his "Magic" at the marina area 10am to 5pm. Will also be strolling throughout the marina area with his magic, juggle show etc!!

Tricky Chaz and his comedy magic and juggling show is highly interactive & will keep everyone laughing and entertained. It's a nice change of pace for your event & will capture the attention of the kids and adults.

Whether Chaz is juggling rings, balls or clubs, his performances will delight your guests of any age.

Audience members get to try it out also as Chaz helps them to balance a spinning plate.

"Want To Know The EASIEST Way Possible To Have a Birthday Celebration Your Friends & Family Will Cherish Forever?"


Charles Watson "Tricky Chaz" • Parkersburg, WV • 304-834-5063 • [email protected]